Interactive cross-platform multimedia

Power of Sound is a multimedia project, which deeply explores the nature and the power of sound from a variety of perspectives. As a current and fascinating topic spanning nature, science, medicine, philosophy and spirituality, interacting viewers will be able to directly engage, create & witness amazing sound phenomena first hand in a multi-sensory way; seeing, hearing and feeling sound.

Participatory filmmaking combined with high technical quality

The project is participatory from conception, production through to distribution, engaging a wide audience of invested experts, enthusiasts & general public, who will have contributed content & ideas to the exhibition as well as films. The films will be created making use of 3rd party contributions, as well as bespoke high quality cinematographic material including sophisticated time-lapse, macro and high-speed footage.

Current stage of the project

The projects first pilot film and digital exhibition of the project can be seen on this website. It was made with the production support from DigiDemo / AVEK, OKM - Milla Moilanen.