Sound affects our lives in powerful ways. It affects our experience and interaction with reality, and it does so in ways most of us are hardly aware. Music, for example, is said to even affect how things taste. The medium has been harnessed to affect productivity in offices as well as to manipulate buying preferences in shopping malls.

Sound is not something we only hear through our ears, but can be felt in our bodies. Sound profoundly affects behaviour of both human and animals, and noise can have as devastating effects on natural habitats as any other pollutant. Noise increases stress levels, and it also affects physical health.

In contrast harmonic sounds and music, have been used for centuries therapeutically, for healing. Also today sound is used in Western medical applications, such as ultrasound scanning or to break kidney stones. Sound is used in so many ways – from sonar technologies and military weaponry – to spiritual and religious practices for reaching altered states of consciousness.

To explore the power of sound we journey through history, shamanism, philosophy, mythology and science. Sound is arguably a fundamental part of human existence. Some claim that sounds could not only impact every cell of our bodies, but have forged the very shape of our existence in the universe since the beginning of time.