Rosie Bryant

– script, directing, editing and production

“I find silence through music. For me sound is movement, and silence is the stillness between that movement. The only true silence is the one we find within.”

A musician, filmmaker and award winning young media entrepreneur and creative producer from the UK. Having founded the first UK digital record company at 21 and subsequently produced & directed diverse projects including for commercial clients such as MTV, Warner, Universal & Sky, she left the corporate media world in 2009 to dedicate her efforts to specialize in works of political & spiritual nature including documentary, music and art projects in Indonesia and the Middle East. She brings her expertise to the Power of Sound project from a deep and profound love of music and the personal pursuit of silence through her journey of healing and personal discovery overcoming a chronic illness as a new mother.

Johanna Lampi-Hanoun

– script, directing, editing and production

”When we find real true silence within - we find a space where there is no separation, no opposites - beyond dualism. Space where it is all united. Nothing is everything.”

A Finnish filmmaker and environmental scientist - specialized in film and audiovisual productions, which focus on environmentally, socially and spiritually conscious themes, also covering wider topics of philosophical and scientific nature. Power of Sound combines her personal interest to sound, music, digital media, interactive exploration and audio-visual works. Currently she is also working on a project on power of singing. She finds silence through singing and creating vocal harmonies, as well as through natural elements such as sun, wind, waves, trees, earth and the amazing richness of sounds in nature.

Arron Artikai

sound design

“Sound designing this film takes me on a journey inward. It reminds me that perception is everything and that I have a choice of where I focus. So often I forget that unless I go within that I go without. This piece re-connects me with the Nada Shakti, or the sound of silence. I experience a stillness and contemplation that permeates my being. Silence carves the audible spectrum of waveforms as a lover in an embrace. It is pregnant potential. It is at the birth and death of all. It connects us.”

Arron is a super creative musical technologist. Having played piano since the age of 6 Arron also had a 10-year stint as a child playing in a youth gamelan (an Indonesian Orchestra). He completed his degree in Commercial Music back in 2004 and has been teaching music technology for a large part of the time since then. He has also worked on a bunch of projects composing, producing and mixing for others.

He is a natural teacher and coach. Having facilitated a men's circle for a long time Arron lives with a strong emphasis on integrity, commitment, responsibility and respect. Recently he started a Masters in Social Work to step into being part of the change he wishes to see. With a life long interest in the mind and it's possibilities he have formally trained in coaching, NLP and hypnotherapy. He has also attended multiple vipassana meditation retreats and likes cats. He lives in Australia with his wife and daughter.

Aliona Yurtsevich

sound design

“I believe music extends beyond audibility. We hear visuals - we see sounds. Silence is the source of all.”

Aliona Yurtsevich is a composer who has firmly situated herself within the “interdisciplinary” field of music composition, in which music is an alchemical substance that perfectly melts and unifies all other art forms – of word, gesture, image, idea, technology – into a transcendent and satisfying whole, with music itself as a co-dependent member of a broader alliance. Hers is a world in which music continually engages other sense modalities, reaches beyond the purely aural domain and seduces us into multiple responses in body, mind and heart.


Petteri Saario

– Finnish nature footage

“Silence doesn't mean a total lack of sounds. Original and organic sound of nature is never noise to me. Even thundering or storming can be felt and understood as one dimension of silence. Artificial man-made noise: the sound of oil, is threatening (together with artificial light) most the harmony of nature. Unfortunately environment without the sound of oil is gone. That makes me sad.”

A Finnish documentary filmmaker, specialized in directing and shooting documentaries about disappearing natural and cultural values and the complex relationship between man and nature. Petteri Saario has been shooting northern nature (inc. forests, seas, lakes, rivers and bogs plus cultural environments) and on the everyday life of northern people living close to nature for the last twenty years. Very passionate about nature and human nature, his motto is "through the heart to the brain". He runs an independent production company DocArt that is the leader of its field in Finland.


Kukrit Prayong

- graphic design

“For me there is no silence. Even with no sound at all, we always have a sound through our body - we just need to find the way to hear it and understand it."

Kukrit Prayong is a senior student in the field of graphic design. He is Thai, born in Thailand, but has traveled a lot all around the world. For him design is everything and everything is design. He loves to listen to music, travel, read and to do sports, especially skateboarding and surfboarding. Passionate about graphic design, loving to learn new things, he works in various areas of design -packaging design, identity design, typography and photography. Graphic design brings him happiness.

Doing some graphic design for the Power of Sound project, made me understand more about sound and it inspired me to design based on, how the sound moves, where it comes from and what it does in different ways.